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 John Betts

Jimmy Brown

 John Burke

T/sgt Bill Cameron

Kevin Cleary

Edwin E. Cruise

  T/sgt Don DeGasperi

Horace B. Harmon

Frank Henderson

Walter S. Kertula

 Robert O Murphy

Leroy L Lewis

 Godfrey F. Russman,  Jr.

M/Sgt Alphonsus Ryan

Ed Zeckly

Prosper Zerie

 Sgt D. Paulson and Wife Marleen or (Babe) Paulson

charles heller, john johnson, halario hector garcia.

Shirley Hampton Ethel Jamerson Dick and Joyce Dixon, Virginia and Ronnie Rollins, Loma and Cornelius Lewis, Helen Couch

William A. Rose, Harry Snyder,

Found: Neil (Neal) Campolingo,

 TSgt Thomas Tedder


3130th-7322nd Air Base Group

Chateauroux Air Station
Chateauroux, France


ADAMS, Earle  
@ Chas:  1957 - 1959
3130th ABG - Supply
Owensboro, KY

5-1-09  france a great country married a girl from chateauroux in 1958 will be married 51 years may 19 this year.

8-4-09  we all transfer into chad about the same time from different bases in europe. any help would be appricated.   Searching:  charles heller, john johnson, halario hector garcia.

BAGINSKI, Richard J. Chas Memoriam
@ Chas:  1953-57
Tampa, FL


Chas Marriages & Born at Chas

10-11-09 Info from Marie-Claude (Forest) 

My husband Richard J. Baginski was A/1c in Hqtrs Squadron CAMAE & worked in TDY & PGS order Dpt from 1954 to 1957. I worked under Colonel Burky, Cpt Bunn & Bruce M. Young in the Non-Appropriated Funds.
Richard & I were married in September 1956 in Chateauroux & Paris. We had one son (John-Robert)and now two grand-sons. Richard passed away in June 1990. Have kept in touch with Ron Frease Portland, Oregon) and Charles Schiro (Englewood, Fl.).
I do go to Chateauroux as often as I can. It has changed some since the 50"s.  I'm not searching for anyone in particular but if anyone remembers working with my husband or me it would be a pleasure to hear from them.  

BETTIS, Frank 
@ Chas:  1965-Closing
3130th ABG - HQ
Columbus, GA

8-30-09  Entry from wife, Pat - My husband was Frank Bettis.He worked in the orderly room .He was a clerk typist. He also was on the football team. He worked part time at the NCO club.

Searching:  Shirley Hampton, Ethel Jamerson Dick and Joyce Dixon, Virginia and Ronnie Rollins, Loma and Cornelius Lewis, Helen Couch and anyone that lived in the trailers on base.

BOLESTA, Stanley S.  
@ Chas:  1959-61
3130th ABG - HQ

10-8-09  Entry from Gary:  My dad, Captain Stanley S. Bolesta and wife, Joy, were stationed there for 2 years.  The 5 kids:  Steve, Ron, Rick, Gary and Beverly went to various schools there.  We saw a lot of Europe on vacations.  Dad made several trips to Italy and Turkey for Air Force business. Had great memories of movie theatre at base, Christmas and Easter parties.  Life was much simpler for us kids.

BOLEY, Mike  
@ Chas:  1956 - 1959
3130th ABG - HQ - Crypto
Rosemount, MN

3-2-07  Searching anyone who worked in Crypto during that time. 


10-21-02 friend of Robert Roeber


BRICE, Leroy  - lost email - Leroy, please sign the guestbook again.
3130th ABG - HQ
@ Chas:  1953-1956
Birmingham, AL

 1-2-05 I really enjoyed my time at Châteauroux. I remember going once a month to Paris.

Searching for:  Anybody who worked in the adjudant general's office. Colonol Porter was our Adjudant.

BURLEY, Colonel Charles F. - Base Commander 59-62 - No email
3130th ABG - HQ
@ CHAS 1959-62
Dallas, T

Col Burley - 1959 - Photo from Clarence Farber - Chaplain's Office - entry on this page.

[jpnote:  Col. Burley is Trish, Sandi & Rick's  dad.]

Colonel Charles F. Burley, Base Commander - 1961 and
General George E. Price - Commander AMFEA - 1961





Col Burley - March 23, 2007


BARNETT, Warren  
@ Chas:  1956 - 1958
3130th ABG
Merritt Island, FL

11-9-09  Stationed at CAS wih my wife until transfer to Spangdahlem in mid 1958.Lived on Rue De Americain.


@ Chas:  1960-64
3130th ABG - AMFEA - Chaplain's Office
Marvin, NC

3-8-10 Tracked down by Clarence Farber, couldn't believe it. Great site!  [Neil was the Catholic Chaplain's Assistant]

Neil & wife, Mara





3130th Air Base Group - French Employee - Chaplain's Secretary

@ Chas:  1957-63

2-8-09  Would be very happy to hear about the chaplains, airmen and everyone I have been working or in contact with during these years.


3130th Air Base Group
@ Chas:  1958-61

2-28-05 Searching Horace B. Harmon Hedronsec, 3130th AB Gp Châteauroux Sgt Harmon ran the rifle range at La Martinerie 58/61


CLARK, A/1C Kenny R.
 3130th Air Base Group - Flightline Déols

 @ Chas:  1957 - 1960

2-13-06  During my time at Chad I worked at Base Operations located on the flight line below the control tower at Déols. I just wanted to check and see if any of my old buddies are listed. If so wouldn't mind hearing from them.


COOK, Colonel Earl B. - Commander - 3130th Air Base Group

  (Thank you, Tom Blake (Chad Student), for this photo)



COPELAND, Haynie C. 
3130th Air Base Group -  HQ 
@ Chas:  1957 - 1959

 06/24/2002    Glad to see this site. I've tried to get in touch with a few of my buddies but was only able to find one of them.


DAVIS, T/Sgt Chester H.   
3130th Air Base Group - Photo Lab
@ Chas:  1963-66 

5-2-07  Info from daughter, Linda     Hi!  Just found your site.  And I am so enjoying it.  My Dad served in Chateauroux I believe the dates we were there were 63-66, have to check on that.  I know my sister was married at the church on base in 65 in December.  We lived in the country right across (my Mom remembers it was called 410) the street from Touvent school where I attended.  I still have class pictures from when I was there.  I remember going to the snack bar with friends and the movie theatre.  I just wanted to write and say thanks for the site!  My Dad at the time was head of the photo lab Tsgt Chester H. Davis.  I'm going to check more of the site out with my parents (who are both 86) they are really interested in it.


@ Chas:  1954-57
3130th ABG - HQ
Athens, AL

2-17-09 Searching: Frank Henderson, Prosper Zeri(e), Leroy L Lewis. I worked in BLDG 256 Data Processing; I was 17 in France, got reassigned to Hq SAMA for 7 months in 57.


FARBER, Clarence H   See  Clarence Farber Photo Page
@ Chas:  1960-63
3130th ABG - HQ (Chaplain's Office)
Winnsboro, TX

1-22-10  Guestbook:  Worked in Chaplain's Office. Took care of Sunday School at 410.  FOUND:  Neal Campolungo (listed above)  from New York state.   [jpnote:  Norman Laufer (below) has been searching for you since August 2009!)  [jpnote:  Clarence located his buddy Dick Prinz.  Clarence, Norm Laufer and Dick Prinz plan to get together sometime this year (2010)]




FLETCHER, Charles     See Chas Memoriam
@ Chas:  1953-54
3130th ABG - HQ
Naugatuck, CT

 8-29-09  I am the son of Charles Fletcher stationed in 1953 & 1954. My father has passed on. I, Jack Fletcher,  was Born at Chas  in 1954. I visited for the first time August 2009 and was provided a tour.  I would like to know more about what Squadron my dad was in.  My brother James was also Born at Chas in 1953. My mother's nick name was Micky. I remember all their stories about the dance hall at the base. They were married and retuned to the US in 1954/55.

@ Chas:  1953-54
3130th ABG - HQ
Yucca Valley, CA

 5-14-06 Left no comment

FOSTER, Ralph - See Chas Memoriam
3130th Air Base Group
@ Chas:  1958-61


@ Chas:  1954-56

Ron and his wife Jayne own a beautiful resort in Oregon.  Check out their website @ touroregon.com/moonset

  See Ron's Page

Ron in Paris - 2005  


GRENIER, Donald E.    
@ Chas:  Jun 1955 - Mar 1958
3130th ABG - HQ
St. Albans VT and Bradenton FL

 2-25-07  I return to France (Paris) every two years or so...I have not been back to Châteauroux yet...Maybe one of these days. Donald E. Grenier CMSGT, USAF (Ret)

Searching:  Walter S. Kertula & Kevin Cleary

HEFLEY, William T., Major General - Commander AMFEA

See Chas Memoriam


HERAL, Maj. L. S.  - 3130th Air Base Group Commander - 1962

I think Major Heral was Dain's dad - also, mentioned in newspaper clipping about the Drum & Bugle Corps.


HIME,  James L.   Major USAF, Retired   
@ Chas 1-57 thru 10-59
San Antonio, TX

3-31-07    Email entry from daughter, Sissy Hime:  Just found your page online  My dad was stationed at Châteauroux but we lived right outside of Niherne, in the Château de Surins.   My dad, my brother, James ( who was Born at Chas and myself went over there on a trip 30th May 2006.  My dad showed us the building where he worked those 49 something years ago.  He worked with the IBM (the first time the french ever saw an air conditioned room) computer at the Supply Depot.  You can still see the dugouts in the ground where they sat this huge computer in the floor.   

I  have a picture of the château we lived in.  Now the place is a Catholic boarding school for boys and the château is the admin offices where the priests and nuns live.   I was 6 yrs old when we left in 1959 back to the States.  Bummer, I loved the placed and the people. .....Sissy Hime 

8-11-07  Email from Major Hime, himself:  Searching for anyone who worked in Trois Cent Cinqant Six (356). I returned on TDY Nov 62-Mar 63 with five programmers from AFLC on an IBM 1401 project.

I returned May 2006 with my daughter Frances and my son, Jim Jr., who was born in the La Martinerie hospital in May 57.  He took pictures of 356 which is hollowed out and now used for grain storage. The false floor for the IBM 650 (one of the first in the USAF) is still there.  [jpnote:  Wonder where this building is located?]

 HOUGH, Col. Luther Walker "Bud"  - See Chas Memoriam
3130th Air Base Group - Silk Purse




HUNLEY, Robert "Bob" M/Sgt (Ret) 
3130th Air Base Group
@ Chas:  1960-63
Fairfield, CA

1-14-07   Thank you for the Châteauroux info. I was stationed there from 1960 thru 1963 and worked in a small special design test equipment calibration laboratory located in Déols.  My son, Andrew W. Hunley,  was  born at Chas 23 Sept 63.
1-14-07 I was attached to 3130th Air Base Group, Hq AMFEA, (AMC), APO 10, NY for support purposes only. Our calibration facility was designated "Chateauoux Special Support Depot" and we reported directly to Director, Special Weapons, Headquarters, San Antonio Air Material Area, Air Force Logistics Command, Kelly AFB, Tex.
At any one time, we were composed of a complement of about eight calibration specialists, a similar number of Air Police whose duty was to accompany the delivery of sensitive materials from Châteauroux to locations throughout Europe, an Officer In Charge (OIC), and two administrative personnel.


HURST, Richard  
3130th Air Base Group [jp:  Not sure this is the right page for this entry - Richard just said 3130th]
@ Chas:  1959-61
Gonzales, LA

7-11-08  Searching:  Any news current or past that may concern events at Chateauroux Air Station.  This was a wonderful tour of duty on base and off base.


IVES, Lloyd  Lt. Col -  7322nd Air Base Group   See Chas Memoriam
@Chas:  1954-55
Bedford, NH



KILGORE, Earl         
7322nd Air Base Group (HQ)
@ Chas: 
Cedar Creek, TX

9-16-10  Served in Base Adjutnts Office, Orders and Pubs Section until AMC took over and then in Forms and Pubs Section. Also moon-lighted as projectionist in the various base movie theaters. Many fond memories of Chad and travels all over Europe. Went to LeMans in '57 to see the big race - got hooked on Gran-Prix racing, now F-1. Searching:  Anyone who remembers me, either military or civilian. Anyone know what ever happened to Barbara Green? She went to LeMans with me in Jun '57. I heard she later married Barney Butler in the Accounting and Finance office (where he worked).

KOWALSKI, William J. -"Bill"          
7322nd Air Base Group (HQ)
@ Chas:  1963-66
Amsterdam, NY

I visited this site previously, but left no comments. If possible, could we add a few words?  "I left CHAS in March 66 as an A1C serving as a Personnel Specialist in the records section and military pay section. A couple things that stick in my mind are the lighted softball field, the movie theater at Quontown and of course the football team that went scoreless for the 1964(?) season. My regards to Joe Fagan. Gene Smith, Jack Sinclair. 

10-18-07  Jenelle,   Welcome back from the reunion.  I'm eager to view any updates that you will post.  Hope to see lots of photos.     Earlier this year, I was able to get together with one of my buddies form CHAS .   Jack Sinclair and I served there from 1963-1966 as Personnel Specialists.   I last saw him at his wedding in Boston in 1969.  I live in Amsterdam, NY and he and his wife live in Brentwood, NH.  It took 38 years to make only a 5 hour drive.     During our visit we were able to enjoy the website.  Brought back a lot of great memories.

1-22-09  Thru the marvel of modern technology (E-Mail & CHAS Website) some of us old vets of the 1963-1966 era have been talking after over 40 years.  In the circle of friends are;  Me (Bill Kowalski) Amsterdam, NY ;Dave Brackenridge (Buffalo NY Area) ; Bob Roeber (Lannon, WI) ;Gene Smith (Parkersburg, WV) ; Jack Sinclair (Brentwood, NH) (since deceased); Steve Radon (Not sure of location yet) ;  We have been E-mailing our old photos to each other.  Great memories for all.  

Gene, Jack and myself are planning to get together somewhere at a location in PA this springtime. (They did!)

4-23-09  I have just received word of the passing of my good friend and ex-roommate John (Jack) Sinclair on April 22, 2009 in Brentwood, NH.  Jack and I served in 7322 Air Base Wing from 1963-1966.

LAUFER, Norman W.    See Norman Laufer Photo Page
3130th Air Base Group (Wing Chaplain's Office)
@ Chas:  1962-65
New Palestine, In

8-23-09   A great experience at CHAS.

Searching:  Clarence H. Farber (Found - listed above!), Neil Campolingo (Found), William A. Rose, Harry Snyder, TSgt Thomas Tedder [Found - listed below]



LEWIS, Lynn E.  - 3130th Air Base Group (HQ) 
@ Chas:  1957-60
Oconomowoc Wi -winter in Green Valley AZ

3-2-07  I worked in Base ops on the flight line and played on the football team 58 and 59 


MARTIN, Chuck 
3130th Air Base Group - USAF Auditor General Office
@Chas 1964
Alexandria, VA

8-10-09  Was the last officer to leave CHAS on March 31, 1967. We had 4 officers there when flag was lowered on March 30th. Met my wife there - AF nurse - Carol Blomberg. We were married at Bitburg AB in June 1968. Great assignment.


MINI, Evo  Sabre Baseball Team
3130th Air Base Group
Wimberly, TX
@Chas 1964

Evo played football on the 1961 Base Sabres football team.  See photo.

Evo doesn't have a computer.  Contact John Doyle for phone/address.


MINNOE, Tom    
@ Chas:  1957 - 1960
Auburn, New York

5-17-07 Hello, my name is Thomas L. Minnoe Sr.   I too spent (3) years at Chateauroux Air Sta  APO 10 N.Ny. I love this new Website you have provided & am just getting started with it.  Thank you so much & hope to hear from you soon... Sincerely: Tom A/1C


MOSER, Frederick A/2C - Invalid email (2009)
3130th Air Base Group
  - HQ Sqdn 
@ Chas:  1955 - 1956
Florissant, MO

10/11/2002:  Commanding Officers during my 2 years were Captain Arthur A. Augustine and Captain Leonard Nesosis. The First Sergeant was Coy I. McKim. 

[jpnote:  I wonder if  Leonard Nesosis is Barbara's dad.  Sgt. McKim is Faye's dad (she was class of 1961).  Willma McNall '61 is searching for Faye as I am also.]


San Angelo, TX

  [jp found this couple on the net.  Bert and his wife, Sybil Thompson, celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary August  10, 2009.  The article I read mentioned he was retired U.S. Army Air Force and had served in Chateauroux, but did not mention the year or squadron.

  11-23-09  I spoke with Bert who is 91.  He doesn't remember much about Chateauroux except he was gone TDY most of the time to Germany.  He and his wife lived in an apartment west of town when he was stationed there.  He said he and Sybil are living a happy life.





MURDOCK, Tracy "Charles"
3131st Maint. Sqdn. and 3130th ABG
@ Chas 11/56-59
Waco, TX

2-26-09 After 3 yrs. I was glad to get the hell out. Enjoyed traveling to a lots of countries and exploring Paris.



NEESE, Melvin "Mel" 
7322nd ABG
@ Chas 1964-66
Lakeway, TX

1-26-10  Guestbook:  Was in athletics. Remember all the great tournaments we hosted. Especially the over 35 softball tournaments. Had great base teams until evacuation began.   Searching:  Anyone who was a member of our athletic teams and Walden from CE.  [jpnote:  Buddies with John Doyle & Roger Olson]

ORR, Paul 
@ Chas: 57
3130th Air Base Group - Supply
Lewisburg, TN

9-30-09  Note from Sheila Orr:  My husband was Paul Orr and he retired in 1978 as CMS USAF. We lived in 4 different places in Chateauroux and Ardentes before our son was born and then moved to 410. We made life long friends there and had a wonderful 3 years. One of our life long friends are JB and Marie Giles. My husband passed away in 2005.

[jpnote:  Wonder if the Giles are the parents of Donna (Chad Student '61)

Searching:  Anyone who attended the Church of Christ that was on a narrow street in Chateauroux. There was a antique shop next door and when we were stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany we went back and it was still there and the owners remembered us. 

[jpnote:  Wrote to Sheila regarding the church and people who attended]

ORTIZ, Jose' D.
@ Chas: 56-57
3130th Air Base Group HQ
Ponce, Puerto Rico

04/25/2006 Searching for:  William Clemens (ex-roommate; Alberto Irizarry (Maintenance); Jose' Cortes (Finance)


OVERMYER, Wayne (Ovi)
@ Chas: 55-58
3130th AB Group (Communications)
Elkhart, IN

08/23/2001  Just stumbled onto this site, looking for info for  future trip to Châteauroux.   It would be great to make contact with some of the people who were there when I was. I haven't been back to France since '58 but wife and I will be going in Sept. 2002.


OWENS, Robert F. "Bob"   
nd Air Base Group (HQ)
@ Chas: 58-61

6-14-04  I worked for AMFEA Disposition Task Force in bldg 356. Hung with a lot of guys from AACS at Jimmy's, Joe's from Maine, Suzy's and Belle Isle. Was in "Les Eagles" and worked at the Airman's and NCO clubs.

12-21-04  I was in the Air Force stationed at Chad. Being very young I was friends with several students there and have fond memories of those friendships.

Searching:   Any and all from that period, Don Jenkins, Mike Owens (no relation), Speedy, Bill "Willy" Congleton, Robert Contreas (located)

[jpnote:  Photo left was taken May 20, 1960 at the CHAD Junior/Senior Prom which was held in the french cafeteria next to Building 356 at La Martinerie. 


See Bob's Page







PETERSON, T/Sgt Dale A. - See  Chas Memoriam
@ CHAS 1958-1960
3130th AB Gp (AMC)

Jenelle, Stephan, Veneta & Eric's dad.


 PRICE, General George E.     See  Chas Memoriam
Retired March 30, 1964
Passed Away November 12, 1979 



Quigley, Ron  -  

Specific Years @ CHAS:  mid to late 1957 for a two year tour.

 Current City and State:  Martinez, Ca

05/06/2011 - I worked in small but buzy communications center. Located just out side of the base, main gate. Abt 25 percent GI's, rest French Nationals. Worked for a Sgt Richardson. Met my first wife there, she was a dependant of a civil worker.

I am searching for: Too many years to pull back names... but would enjoy hearing from anyone that was there about that time.

REYNOLDS, John    
3130th Air Base Group - Headquarters 

@ Chas:  1955-57

Caldwell, TX

11-11-08    I was stationed at Chad for almost three years. I have very fond memories of both good and bad times. Most of my photos have been lost or destroyed over the years but the ones posted here really bring it back alive to me. Thank you.


 ROBEY, Major General Pearl Harvey - Passed away  April 13, 1994

Chas Memoriam


3130th Air Base Group -
(Finance - Data Processing)
@ Chas:  Mar 62 - Jun 66

07/24/2002:  Surprised to find this site. I was NCOIC of the Finance Section of Data Processing. I also coached the little league Yankees to the championship the year we beat the Pirates. I lived at 22 Rue Jeanne d'Arc downtown until I moved to Quontown.  I just wish that I had taken more advantage of the French countryside and towns. Had many friends at Châteauroux.

1-16-07  Checking in. 

RODZANKAS, Lt Col John F. 
3130th Air Base Group

Chas Memoriam

SCHIRO, Charles B. 
3130th Air Base Group
   - Military Personnel
@ Chas:  19
Rotanda West, FL 

10-12-09  I worked in base military personell with Col. Hill, Mr. Woessner, Mr. Marstellar, Mike Amber. Frequented the Amstramgram Bar - Searching:  Any one at that time.


RUSSELL, Donald M. 
3130th Air Base Group
@ Chas:  1961-1963
Dallas, TX 

SMITH, Paul "Bix"  Chas Memoriam
3130th Air Base Group  
@ Chas:  1961-1965 ??

Jonesboro, AR


STARNES, Garland  R.  
 @ Chas:  1961-63
 3130th Air Base Group
Also:  7322nd Air Police Sqdn &
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (BEMO)
Mount Olive, NC

I was just surfing and ran across this page and bookmarked it as a favorite. I was stationed @ Chad from 1961 thru 1963. I was assigned to the Air Police Sqdn. In 1961 for "Operation Silk Purse." Later, I was reclassified & assigned to BEMO in the Supply Sqdn. At one time, I knew some of the Chad students, but time has erased the memory of their names. I think it is great that you guys have a forum such as this to stay in touch with each other. This is one of the best such sites I have found. The pics of Joe Gagne bring back memories of a lot of good times in the Ville. Thanks Mike! I would like to hear from any friends of mine "American or French" that may run across this site.

07/31/2000  Hello everyone: I was stationed at Châteauroux AS from Feb 1962 thru Sept 1963. I was originally assigned to the 3130th Air Base Group as a part of Operation "SILK PURSE." First assignment at Châteauroux was in the Air Police. I was assigned to the 7322nd Air Police Sqdn. as air policeman and security guard in July of 1962. I was reclassified Dec 1962 and assigned to the 7322nd Materiel Sqdn. (Worked in the tool crib) BEMO = Base Equipment Materiel Office as a clerk. I would hope that everyone that visits this site will sign in. Let everyone know if you have a connection to Châteauroux. I would like to hear from you guys and so would the other guys. It makes no difference what outfit you were in. I hope if you have material or pictures that would add value to this site, you will share with the administrator of the site. Let's make this forum a success. (My nickname at Chad was "Horse). To any of our French friends that may come to this site, Welcome!!!!!!!! Everybody sign in and drop me a line. Let's stay in touch. Special thanks to John Doyle. Let us hear from you.   See    Garland's Page


 3130th Air Base Group
- HQ AMFEA Data Processing
@ Chas:  Nov 59 to March 60
Desert Springs, CA

Ed & grandson   

04/08/2003  Worked at computer center across the base. Went a lot to the Red Cross center, Jimmy's Bar, still have my card from there, Belle Isle, have quite a few menus from there. Went to Evreux and left there in May of 63.  

4-17-07  Went to Evreux unti May 63. Went to Jimmy's a lot and went with Yolonda until I left. Went back in 98. Had a lot of fun there. Spent most of the time at the Blue Train, and Hotel La Fontaine in Pigalle and La Boheme.

Searching:  Robert O Murphy, Ed Zeckly




TAYLOR, Clair 
 3130th Air Base Group
@ Chas:  1958-60
North Canton, OH

3-12-07  Searching for Football team members. Hq 3130th ABG personnel.  I played halfback on the 58, 59 football teams


TEDDER, Sgt. Thomas  - Not Located
3130th Air Base Group

NCOIC - Wing Chaplain's Office

This photo from Clarence Farber






3130th Air Base Group

@ Chas:  1958-61
New Jersey 

3-12-06  Great site! I was stationed there from `58 to `61. A/1C Ron Terrill   Hdq. AMFEA doing charts and graphs for Gen. Hefley. I read the   posting by Donna Sage `57 to `59 from the  Chad HS site.  I   worked under her father M/sgt Sage along with T/sgt Bill Cameron and   T/sgt Don DeGasperi and others that I would need a few days to  remember their names. I have a lot of interesting old photos that I  will send shortly.  I`d love to hear about these influences of my early  life if anyone  who knows would e-mail me.

[jpnote:  Ron has shared many of his personal photos which are throughout the website.  Thanks, Ron.]

 3130th Air Base Group

@ Chas:  Apr '65 to Dec '66
Covington (Seattle suburb), WA

4-16-03  I worked in the base Data Automation office at the far end of the base Finance building. While working part time at the base theater, I met a '66 graduate of Châteauroux HS, Janet Kuhn, and married her in '67. [Listed on Chas Marriages ] My wife had signed on classmates and Jenelle Peterson '61 informed my wife of this site yesterday, and we have been poring over this site since then reliving some VERY fond memories. I remember wandering around town and the countryside on my French made bicycle and later a used Allstate scooter. We just loved the climate and area, which is one of the reasons we are living in Washington state now as this area's weather is very similar to Châteauroux's. When we PCS'd out of Torrejon AFB in '68, we took our car to port in Antwerp, and spent a day and night in Châteauroux seeing what had become of the base and housing areas. We were saddened to see what had been done to the American built buildings by the US forces as they left. If we ever get back to Europe, Châteauroux is the one place we MUST visit.

 9-6-09  Jan, myself and my cousin Daryle Ann Lent.  The
summer of 1965 she came over to study for 6 weeks in Italy. She ended
up spending 10 days in Chateauroux split into 2 pieces, before and
after Italy. The second visit she dated some of the Airman from
Finance she met the first time round.  The guys went crazy.  An
American woman their age and single!  She indicated later that those
days in Chateauroux were the best part of her summer.


VENDRICK, Howard D. 
@ Chas:   Dec. 1957 thru. Dec. 1960
3130th Air Base Group
Chickamauga, GA

8-10-09  Searching:  Sgt D. Paulson and Wife Marleen or (Babe) Paulson

@ Chas: 
Arrived 63
3130th ABG - HQ (Chaplain's Office)

10-1-10 - Clarence Farber sent the following photo.  Clarence said Bill arrived just shortly before Clarence rotated.

 VOWELL - Leslie  ( Dependent Son)
@ Chas:  Feb 62 - May 66
3130th Air Base Group ( Instrument Shop)
Sunset, Utah

8-16-09  Spent over four years at Chas. I was just a little tyke but have many good memories. My mother (Alice Vowell) sang in the church choir and did shows on base. My youngest brother went to the french kindergarden and we lived in the housing called Touvent and I went to the Elem school there.

WEIDNER, James E. 
 3130th Air Base Group

 @ Chas:  1957-1959
 Pottstown, PA

12/16/2002  I arrived at Châteauroux in January of 1957, married my long time sweetheart, Joan,  on June 6 (D-day) of that year, (Chas Marriages) our first child, Debbie, was  born in the base hospital on January 18, 1959, and we returned home in October of that year. We were married twice on the same day. First by the Mayor of Châteauroux in a French civil ceremony and again that afternoon on base by the Chaplain.  We had the opportunity to return to Châteauroux in October 2000. We found the residents very friendly and helpful. The town had changed quite a bit but we managed to find the apartment where our married life began. 10 Place Du Palan in the Prefecture.

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3130th Air Base Group

11th Communication Maintenance Sqdn
@ Chas:  Aug 56-Nov 59
 Memphis, TN 

6-19-06 - Entry from Tom's son, Joselito:  "My father's fondest memories of his 11 year [military] career was in France.  He became fluent in french in 8-9 months.  He tells me that he spent every weekend in Paris.  Every day after work his first choice was to see a movie and if there was nothing good playing, he and his friends would either go the airmen's club or their favorite downtown hangout - La Faison.  After two years at Chas, his Squadron was either being disbanded or being shipped out.  He was given the option of going to either Germany or Spain.  He asked his commander if he could stay at Chas.  His commander was able to fulfill his request and, according to my father, his third and final year at Chas, he became a gopher (courier).  Whenever there was equipment to be moved to another base, he and another airman would have TDY orders cut to fulfill the requirement.  On behalf of my father, thank you.

[jpnote:  Tom & Nicole were married in Châteauroux and Tom's eldest son, Miguel, was Born at Chas

Tom & wife, Nicole at the Airman's Club

ZOLLINGER, Eugene Willard  
3130th Air Base Group

@ Chas:  Aug 56-Nov 59

6-28-09  I am interested in hearing ANY stories about my father. His name was Willard Eugene Zollinger(his wife is Reba). We had a large family of 8 kids when we moved from France. Three of us were born in Chateauroux. Any pictures w/him included would be great. Thank you


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